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Party Bags

As well as having incredible Children’s entertainers, beautifully decorated rooms and lots and lots of fun, it is always a nice addition for the Children to have something to take home with them to remember their special day.

Included within your booking fee, we can send out 25 complimentary empty party bags and you can get creative and fill them with whatever treats and surprises you can think off. If however you really don’t have the time to sit and fill 25 + party bags or don’t really know what the kids would love to have in them, this is where our Party bag service comes in. we also buy in bulk so it is often cheaper for us to do them than it is for you to do them yourselves!

We have a few options:


This option includes a delightful collection of goodies, thoughtfully put together but us in a theme of your choice.

For example, if you are having a princess party, we would include a crown, a princess ring, a wand, princess themed colouring book and pencils, some bubbles and some sweets.

Note** all children will go home with a themed certificate as well see below for the Princess example.

£99 for 20 Children


This option is similar to above with just a few extras to wow the children a tiny bit more.

For example, if you are having a Pirate Party we may include,a pirate hat, a compass, an eye patch, a telescope, a pirate colouring in book and pencils, some bubbles, pirate stickers, a pirate game, a pirate map and some pirate money.

Note** all children will go home with a themed certificate as well see below for the Pirate example.

£149 for 20 Children


This is option is quite bespoke and depends how much you want to spend and what theme you have in mind. If you give a per head budget, we will thoughtfully create the ultimate party bags for you. In the past we have had clients wanting Airfix models, CDs, teddy bears, books, a Karate suit and even an iPod touch in each bag!!!!

What They Say

Our Happy Parents

Kieron loved his karaoke disco so much he didn’t want to leave! All of his friends had so much fun, and Kieron told me he had the best day ever! Now to get some earplugs for the karaoke machine we bought him!

a Claire, Kieron’s mum said

Thanks JKP for Minnie’s princess party. Rapunzal is her favourite princess and she was perfect, especially with the princess themed games they played ! Minnie’s already asking for her next party!

a Samantha, Minnie’s mum said

Harry absolutely loved his Harry Potter party! His favourite part was making ‘potions’ and taking part in the ‘quidditch’ race! Thanks to Perry, our party leader who gave Harry the exact party he wanted!

a Natasha, Harry’s mum says
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