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High School Musical Party
Suitable for ages4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 
Join in with up to two hours of excitement hosted by one of our professional entertainers, who will be in a character costume.

They will amuse and entertain your children, playing excellent party games including the classics, pass the parcel, musical statues, a dance competition and many more!

As a special treat the Entertainer can teach an exciting dance or cheerleading routine which they can perform for the parents at the end if they wish.

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Pop Idol Party
Suitable for ages4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 
We can promise that there will be no nasty Simon here, but with our professional entertainer as a guide, your children with have the opportunity to prepare a routine and song and perform it for all you lucky adults.

Our entertainer will divide the kids into groups. Each group will choose a song, and then be given time to rehearse an excellent dance routine and sing the song as a group. Our fully trained entertainer will be on hand at all times to support and guide each group, and maybe throw in a few ideas to help out if needed.

Once everyone is moving like Beyonce and singing like Leona Lewis, they will be able to perform their songs to the Audience... that’ll be you, and after a bit of friendly competition a prize will be awarded to the winning team.

To follow this our entertainer will get all the kids together again for a few of the classic party games including pass the parcel, charades, hot potato and many more.

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Dance Party
Suitable for ages4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 
This one is for those kids who love to have a bit of dance. Our professional entertainer will spend the first hour with the children teaching them a dance routine, which they will then be able to perform for the parents, and for the time that’s left it’ll be fun and games lead by our entertainer, including games like Musical Statues, Hot Potato, Pass the Parcel, and even a dance competition!

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Karaoke Party
Suitable for ages4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 13+ years 
We all know how much fun it can be to get up and have a good old sing song. Why should the kids have to miss out? Well now they don’t need to!

With our professional entertainer providing up to two hours of fun and games including the classics pass the parcel, hot potato, musical chairs and many more, they will also have a full Karaoke kit including a PA system, disco lighting and rigging, with a comprehensive choice of all the hits that kids enjoy, so they can have as much fun as us grown-ups, maybe more!

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Pantomime Party
Suitable for ages9 to 12 years 
Be the talk of the town by having your very own performance of our magical pantomime. Three of our professional performers will play up to six different characters in our specially developed pantomimes full of music, dancing, and fun. You’ll get to boo the baddies cheer for the goodies, as our hero battles the evil mischief maker, all with the help of his trusty, and incredibly fury sidekick.

Remember a Pantomime is not just for Christmas!

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Disco Party
Suitable for ages9 to 12 years 13+ years 
For great fun and endless dancing this classic disco party will have all your guests up on their feet dancing the time away. Whether you have a themed disco or a run through the ages of music this party is sure to have everyone raving. There will also be all kinds of musical games like musical statues, dance competitions, name that song and many more!

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Chocolate Party
Suitable for ages9 to 12 years 13+ years 
Chocolate, chocolate everywhere! This party is great for those with a sweet tooth! Children will be shown how much fun chocolate can be, by writing their names in chocolate, designing their own chocolate biscuit, and lots of party games that all have chocolate prizes! Not to mention the great chocolate fountain, that will undoubtedly have everyone reaching for the dip-able treats!

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Cartoon / Mascot Party
Suitable for ages0 to 3 years 4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 13+ years 
If you have a mix of ages and want something for everyone, why not book one of our themed 2 hour entertainment parties and invite one of our mascot characters to join in with the fun?

2 hours themed party and mascot character: £299. (2 entertainers)

Choose your favourite cartoon character:
- Spongebob
- Scooby Doo
- Minnie Mouse
- Micky Mouse
- Ben 10
- Peppa Pig
- 101 Dalmations

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Your Themed Party
Suitable for ages0 to 3 years 4 to 8 years 9 to 12 years 13+ years 
Think we've missed something? Want a party that you can't see here?

Then let us know what you want, and we'll do our best to make it happen!

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Don't forget to check out some fabulous party extras - additional options for your perfect party!

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Tel: 0845 505 2731

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